Introducing OpenGuild Finance’s P2E Yield Pool

2 min readFeb 22, 2022

OpenGuild Finance is thrilled to announce the upcoming closed alpha launch of our V1 protocol in early March. This will be the first time passive investors can access 900%+ play-to-earn (P2E) gaming yields produced by a diversified group of guilds. Sign up to be whitelisted here.

The closed alpha will consist of a single P2E Yield Pool, which is capped at 1 million USDT. Whitelisted investors are limited to depositing a maximum of 50,000 USDT each. The capital will be deployed by a small group of trusted guilds to invest in Pegaxy assets and generate income from the game, which will be distributed back to investors as dividends.

Guilds that want to receive capital in future pools can sign up here.

How does it work?

When investors deposit USDT into the pool, they will mint an equivalent number of P2E Yield Tokens, which are ERC-20 warrant tokens that represent their share of the P2E Yield Pool. Whitelisted guilds will withdraw the capital and deploy it into Pegaxy assets, generate income and send dividends back to the pool to be claimed by investors. Guilds are paid a management fee and performance fee, which is designed to incentivize them to return investor capital as quickly as possible and also maximize long term yields. Investors can sell their P2E Yield Tokens in the secondary market if they want to exit their position.

More information can be found in our documents.

Where is the yield coming from?

The yields come from income generating P2E gaming NFTs. In Pegaxy, these NFTs are winged horses called Pegas, which must be purchased to get started in the game. The primary way to generate income is by racing Pegas to earn $VIS, the in-game utility token. Owners of Pegas can also rent them out for $PGX, the Pegaxy governance token. $VIS can be converted to other cryptocurrencies/fiat or used to breed more Pegas, which can be raced, rented or sold for a profit. The demand for $VIS ultimately comes from the demand for more Pegas.

Guilds use the investor capital to buy and/or breed Pegas and utilize them to generate income. Currently, guilds can produce annual yields exceeding 900% for investors but note that this will likely decrease over time.


The V1 smart contracts are being audited by Certik.

About OpenGuild Finance

OpenGuild Finance is a financing platform for play-to-earn gaming guilds and players. Investors can passively earn play-to-earn yield by providing capital to guilds looking to expand their operations. For more information, check out our website.


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